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50ml Airless Bottle with Silver Cap and Clear Body

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50ml Airless Bottle with Silver Cap and Clear Body

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Product Description

AIRLESS Bottle , 50ml capacitive foil and transparent body.
The airless bottles work with the vacuum innovation and offer the following:

  • The product remains homogeneous . This means that your product remains exactly as it was on the first day of production.
    Natural cosmetic tend to separate the materials over time because not contain preservatives, but with airless bottle this is not possible because of the vacuum the product is.
  • No finger contact with the product, so there is the possibility of microbial growth in the product.
  • It gives added value to your product because of the particular display that provides.Available in 15ml – 30ml – 50ml

Product Code : MPA003
Volume :50ml
Height :
Diameter :
Neck :
Weight :

The maximum dimensions of the label that you can use are:
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