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Black Plastic Childproof tamper evident cap PP 18 with internal dropper

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Black Plastic Childproof tamper evident cap PP 18 with internal dropper

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Product Description

The KP-02 is a Black PP 18 mm tamper-evident Childproof dropper cap with inverted dropper tip (0.9 inch orifice). This cap is specifically designed for small glass bottles with an 18 DIN neck finish. When the cap is fully screwed down it forces a natural colored plastic orifice reducer and inverted dropper tip into the opening of the bottle. When the cap is unscrewed, the tamper-evident ring is broken and the insert remains inside the bottle opening. Matching bottles must have the correct neck finish specifically for this lid. It is designed for the glass euro style dropper bottle. This closure has been equipped with a mechanism that shows if the product has been tampered with. This lid is made of polypropylene (PP), which means it has a high heat toleration level and an excellent resistance to fatigue. This closure fits all container with a 18 mm opening.

Product Code : KP-02

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